Deep Magical Trip Experiment Take 01 on May 11, 2018

DMTR-001 2 tracks ¥1,500
  1. take01 Ψ 15:05
  2. take01 Ω 17:56

【DMT (Robert & Tanizaworld)】による、完全1発録り音源第1弾。

M01. take01 Ψ (15:05)
M02. take01 Ω (17:56)

ライブ会場及びTanizaworld SHOPでお買上げの方のみ、限定ステッカー付き。

Psychedelic, improvisation, trance, ambient, core, rock, 2piece band.
We are “DMT (Robert & Tanizaworld)”.
One shot recorded by “DMT (Robert & Tanizaworld)”.
We want to fly you.
To anywhere, Beyond the spacetime to everywhere.

M01. take01 psi (15:05)
M02. take01 omega (17:56)